OLOFF JONSSON is neither a thing nor a being,
it once was our greatest treasure!

OLOFF JONSSON is the familiar scent, the warm breeze blowing over the lake,
the fantasy, the world, where only children live.

It is the treasure we once were trying to protect,
we were pirates,
were heroes,
were explorers,
we were who we were.

A magical place, long forgotten,
until our children took us by our hands.

Let's go on a journey!

The sustaninable aspect, the nature and texture of the clothing and it providing a high level of wearing comfort are the particularly close to the heart of our brand.


Thus OLOFF JONSSON works exclusively with certified organic materials according to the Global Organic Textile Standart (GOTS) and we use our own graphic print materials which meet these requirements.


OLOFF JONSSON s' fabrics are sourced from businesses from Austria and Turkey which use only organically grown cotton and linen.


Our sewing factory is located in the Lausitz, whilst the company headquarters and design studios are located in Brandenburg, Germany.

We have drawn our inspiration from the surrounding region of the Uckermark and Oberhavel with all its lush heaths and lakes for our collection "Beyond the heath".