O R G A N I C  K I D S  W E A R                                                 


It is out of deep personal conviction that we exclusively use fabrics organically produced in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS),

which is the world's leading applied standard for the production of textiles made from organic fibres.


Throughout the entire textile manufacturing chain, compliance with the environmental requirements and social criteria are guaranteed and controlled.

We provide transparency throughout the whole process, from the harvesting of the textile raw fibres to the weaving and dying of the fabrics. 


THINK! Sustainability happens right now.


The production and processing of commercial cotton requires about 25% of the world's production of pesticides, insecticides and chemical dyes, although its share of the entire global agricultural area is only 2.4%.

Moreover, the water consumption for the conventionally produced cotton is many times higher than for organically grown cotton.

As a result of these practices, soils can no longer be used for agricultural production and the ground water is poisoned.


In the production of commercial cotton, farmers are exploited, wages are chronically low, and children are often employed to do labour.




Clothing has become much more short-lived due to poor quality and

increased consumption that accelerates the upward spiral of supply and demand.


In Germany, 750,000 tons of old clothes are thrown away every single year.



OLOFF JONSSON therefore stands for slowfashion, quality and durability.